Digital Technologies for Print

Scodix S Series S75 
Digital Enhancement Press Series

Touching the senses with prints that stand out in a form never seen before in the world of printing, the Scodix S Digital Press Series allows you to offer your customers brilliant, high quality graphic communications products with tangible dimensions that stand out and differentiate them from their competitors.

  • The Scodix S75 Press is for media size up to B2+ (530 x 750mm / 20.8 x 29.5″)

The Scodix S series Digital Enhancement Presses produce the breakthrough Scodix SENSE™ printing experience, making a lasting impression on the consumer for effective brand differentiation.

Market Segments

The Scodix S Digital Press series is ideal for a wide range of market segments:

  • B2B – Folders, catalogues, brochures, business cards, direct mail, labels, inserts, advertising materials
  • B2C – Invitations, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums
The Scodix SENSE™

Experience is enabled by the unique digital print enhancement capabilities of the Scodix SSeries . The Scodix PolySENSE™ advanced ink is a proprietary, UV curable, clear polymer that produces high resolution, top-quality detailing and consistent results across a wide range of media formats and thicknesses.

  • 99 Gloss Units (GU) – the highest gloss available for printed materials
  • Up to 250 microns in polymer height – over 20 times higher than selective varnish
  • Variable density capabilities, ranging from 1% to 100%
  • Digital-Glittering™ using the Scodix Rainbow™
  • Metallic effect with Scodix Metallic™
Absolute Digital Value Up To B2+

The completely digital stand-alone solution supports barcode and variable data applications. Compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print, the press automatically processes a wide range of paper formats and substrates, with no need for any additional complex setup:

  • Up to B2+ size sheet format (545 x 788 mm / 21.5 x 31 in)
  • Material weights from 135 to 675 gsm / 6 to 30 points
  • Material thickness – Up to 0.7 mm / 700 microns
Stand Out From the Rest

By touching the senses with prints that stand out, Scodix SENSE™ leaves a lasting impression, delivering true print differentiation for your clients and their products. In today’s highly competitive industry, standing out is an absolute must, creating more business opportunities!


A clean, green process that contains no polluting additives, Scodix SENSE™ eliminates plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents, while reducing energy consumption. Scodix SENSE™ output is non-toxic and recyclable.

How Is It Done?

Delivering an unmatched range of enhancements, the Scodix S Digital Presses produce Scodix SENSE™ by applying clear polymer to images in variable levels of thickness and texture of up to 250 microns, allowing for easy single or dual-sided printing.

A stand-alone solution, compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print feed, the presses automatically process a wide range of paper formats and substrates:

  • Up to B2+ size sheet format (530 x 750 mm / 20.8 x 29.5 in)
  • Paper weights from 135 to 675 gsm / 6-30 points
  • Thickness – up to 0.7 mm / 700 micron

Scodix RSP™ Technology to ensure excellent image-to-image registration guaranteed
The patent pending Scodix RSP™ Technology is based on a CCD camera system, and dedicated software algorithms, that allow to Rotate, Scale and Position Scodix Sense with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the PolySENSE™ to its exact location. Scodix’s RSP technology is the key to creating output that is superior to all others in the industry.

A Clean, Green Process

A clean, green process with no VOC emissions, Scodix SENSE™ eliminates plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents, while reducing energy consumption. Print service providers and their customers enjoy the freedom to print runs of any size on demand, eliminating waste. Scodix SENSE™ output is also nontoxic and recyclable.

Variable Data Capabilities

A completely digital solution based on a Barcode SW embedded in the presses, the Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses support variable data applications in PDF or optimized PDF formats with no need for additional complex setup. The advanced digital front end (DFE) transmits image data directly from a PC, executing print enhancements in one single step with zero setup. This makes it an ideal solution for W2P applications, and wherever variable data adds value to the final product.