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Dreamworks Upgrades to the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil to Meet Expanding Market Demands

CHICAGO – February 21, 2018 – Dreamworks Graphic Communications, LLC, a top caliber boutique printing company that specializes in high impact print collateral, has purchased the Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press. Introduced last November, the Ultra2 will be a capabilities upgrade from the shop’s Scodix Ultra Pro with the foil station, purchased two years ago.

Dreamworks and its customers have come to understand the value that Scodix and all its 9 applications bring to a project. The ability to bring those enhancements to an even wider range of projects, was what made them to be one of the first existing Scodix customers to upgrade to the Scodix Ultra2 with foil. With the Ultra2, Dreamworks will be able to provide a wider range of foil types, on a broader range of substrate options. In addition, the shop will also be able to add foil to pieces printed with a larger range of ink and toner types as well, opening the door to even more customers and applications.

“Our Ultra Pro unit has proven to be a solid production machine for our shop, and we have benefitted greatly from the investment,” said Dan Luka, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreamworks. “This dynamic system allows us to address a wider range of materials and polymers. As our business has expanded, we’ve gotten requests for all types of projects, produced on all types of substrates. Now, the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with foil, will open even more capabilities allowing us to change between polymers fitting specific substrates in a very short time. It’s a testament that demand has grown this rapidly once our customers have seen what we can offer with our Scodix.”

Recipients of 2017 Annual Scodix Design Awards Announced!

The vast acceptance and widespread application of Scodix digital enhancement for this year’s competition (over 80 jobs from 4 different continents) resulted in an additional category.

ISRAEL – January 18, 2018 – Scodix today announced the winners of the company’s annual Scodix Design Awards competition. With submissions from users from just about every major printing community worldwide, a distinguished panel of judges rated projects for design quality, production complexity, and overall appearance. Submissions set a new standard for outstanding applications and covered a who’s who gamut of global brands, corporate leaders, notable magazines and financial institutions. The winning awards can be viewed online at Scodix Awards.

“Roy Porat, CEO notes: The immense creativity and applied value of our digital enhancement tools has evolved exponentially every year, and 2017 was no exception. The annual awards showcase the active wizardry happening daily in clients’ production departments worldwide. With over 80 carefully prepared and packaged entries, now even our awards are gaining global appeal. We’re excited to recognize those that are setting a new standard in digital enhancement.”

And the winners are…

This year’s applicants displayed work that represented four continents and just about every segment of the market, including direct mail, product packaging, fine arts, and commercial printing. This contest is crafted to identify the most creative work produced by Scodix customers, using Scodix Digital Print Enhancement technology.

All of the submitted entries projected professionalism, creativity, and a superior understanding of the power and – impact of the Scodix post-press enhancement tools. The best of the best in the – five defined categories this year are:

Self-Promotion Print: First Place Company: Bennett Graphics Country: United States Self-Promotion Print: Second Place Company: Jujin Packaging Country: China Self Promotion Print: Third Place Company: Maison LACK by DLW Country: France General Commercial Printing (GCP): First Place Company: Bennett Graphics Country: United States General Commercial Printing (GCP): Second Place Company: Cards and Systems Solutions Country: Mexico Publishing: First Place Company: Guangzhou Dream Works Graphic Arts Co. Country: China Publishing: Second Place Company: Regal Printing Country: China (Hong Kong) Folding Carton / Packaging: First Place Company: Oriel Printing Company Limited Country: United Kingdom Folding Carton / Packaging: Second Place Company: The Wilkins Group, Fuse Division Country: United Kingdom. Technology: First Place Company: Jujin Packaging Country: China Technology: Second Place Company: Overprint SRL Country: Argentina This year’s winners have been notified directly, and their recognized submissions, as well as many of the other competing entries, will be displayed at public industry events, and Scodix-sponsored activities throughout the year. For more information, please visit

First Place, Folding Carton/Packaging, Oriel Printing Company Ltd

Second Place, Folding Carton/Packaging, The Wilkins Group Ltd

Monotech to demonstrate Scodix Ultra Pro’s foiling capabilities December 2017 
hennai-based Monotech Systems will demonstrate the Scodix Ultra Pro with foil, running the machine in a live presentation at Pamex.

Ajeet Pareek, product head – Scodix, Monotech Systems says, “The Indian printing and packaging market appreciates quality and precision, making the Scodix Ultra Pro an ideal match for both their production needs and their business acumen. The continuing need for digital service providers to further differentiate themselves is apparent in every industry market, and Scodix serves this need via digital enhancement solutions that have earned a worldwide reputation for delivering pinnacle and unmatched quality. Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil is a worldwide proven product with over 300 installations worldwide, over 30 installations in India and also have received InterTech Technology Award 2017. Pamex provides us with another opportunity to showcase the product and shine more.”

TP Jain, managing director at Monotech, said, “Our theme at the show is - digital enhancement and print finishing, and the live demonstrations at our 218 sq/m stand will be a crowd puller activity for us.”

At Drupa 2016, Scodix announced it had added over 100 new customers from 21 countries. India accounted for around 20 of those bookings. “It has come to a stage where the machine itself is its competitor,” said Jain.

Overall, there are 30 Scodix installations in India, two of which are in Mumbai.

“Hira Prints in Mumbai, is one of the rising stars of the Indian print industry, which has installed a Scodix,” said Jain, while adding, “Our other customers also have benefitted from Scodix’s performance.”