Digital Technologies for Print

From Glitter Paper to Braille Printing – Digital Printing Effects

What effect can you make?

Scodix SENSE™ digital enhancement printing allows Print Service Providers (PSPs), folding carton converters, designers and brand owners to turn ordinary products and applications into extraordinary creations.

By applying Scodix SENSE, produced by Scodix digital enhancement presses you can produce highly differentiated premium products, in-house, without sending work out for lamination, embossing, hot foil, or other embellishments. The added value of these digitally enhanced products means premium pricing can be charged, even for short runs – translating into higher profitability for the business.

High gloss and variable densities

In conventional processes, embossing requires two dies and a separate press run after any varnishing or laminating. With Scodix SENSE, you can easily produce these valuable effects in one pass.

  • 99 Gloss Units (GU), the highest gloss available for printed materials
  • Up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times higher than selective varnish
  • Variable density capabilities ranging from 1% to 100%
  • Scodix “lens effect”, making colors stand out
Scodix Foil

Scodix Foil Station is an optional module, that runs in-line with the Scodix Ultra Pro digital enhancement press, delivering unmatched foil capabilities, including high gloss, embossed, variety of densities for short to medium runs, using a highly advanced, highly-efficient digital process. Scodix Foil is ideal for commercial printers, coping with short to medium runs, who today have to outsource the foil application or to use a long and expensive make ready process including molds and dies, as well as for converters doing high-end short to medium runs.

  • Scodix Foil deploys a wide range of hot and cold industry standard foil films, coupled with a variety of substrates, including offset, digital, plastics, laminated/non-laminated, and coated/uncoated for applications such as; business cards, greeting cards, folders, book covers, brochures, labels, packaging and more.
  • Scodix unique patented technologies, the Scodix PAS™, Scodix RSP™ and transfer process deliver superior foil enhancement print with ultra-fine details, high gloss, surface coverage and flawless registration; high-end print quality is achieved via a robust and reliable automatic process with a high production yield.
Scodix Spot

A selective spot varnish, Scodix SPOT digitally recreates the effect of traditional analog flat varnishes, without the setup time or mess, in a cost effective method for run lengths of up to 5,000 sheets. Scodix Spot is both more cost-effective and higher quality than conventional silk-screen products.

Scodix Cast&Cure

Scodix Cast&Cure let’s you create high impact 3D-holographic dramatic effects.

  • Cost effective for short to medium run lengths, minimal setup
  • Digital with VDP/VDE
  • In-house, easy to use
  • Utilizing off the shelf cast and cure films
  • Unique capability for the Scodix Foil Station design
Scodix Crystals

Adding colorful, sparkle effects with Scodix Crystal™, creates a real 3D dimension item with a high build polymer.

  • Replacing the manual placement of crystals on products such as greeting cards, brochures, etc.
  • Cost effective for short to medium run lengths, minimal setup
  • Digital with VDP/VDE
  • In-house, easy to use
  • Up to 1,000 micron layer thickness
Scodix Metallic

Scodix Metallic™ allows you to enhance prints with metallic coloring by simply utilizing the CMYK color process of Scodix SENSE™. The digital one-pass print process eliminates the need to send print out for hot foil stamping. Enhance digital prints with metallic coloring

  • Utilizing CMYK color process and Scodix SENSE – No need for additional HW or SW
  • Unlimited number of metallic colors in 1-print pass
  • Cost effective, easy to use, in-house solution for foil stamping
  • Short run – as low as 1-copy
Scodix Glitter

Scodix Rainbow™ is the world’s first in-house digital inkjet glittering station that produces the Scodix Digital-Glittering™ experience. The Scodix Rainbow™ prints glitter on selected areas, creating a sparkling, shiny experience that brings the glamour of glitter in graphic communications to digital printing.

Rainbow of colors
The patent-pending Scodix Rainbow™ is a dedicated UV station enabling printing with UV polymer and glitter in any color or transparency. In the process, a special type of PolySENSE™ made by Scodix is applied to either paper, PVC, laminated materials and more, followed by a standard glittering powder waterfall. Using the Scodix SENSE™ revolutionary printing process, the Scodix Rainbow station transforms a print product into a magical wonderland.

Rainbow cloud
To make sure you are supplying exactly what is required, your customers and designers can proof the Scodix Rainbow even before the print is made, by viewing it on a screen using Scodix SPARK™, a dedicated software for Digital-Glittering preview. The Scodix SPARK is designed to support Web2Print applications such as photo albums, wedding invitations, greeting cards and more. The Scodix Digital-Glittering is truly an enabling technology.

Scodix Braille

The innovative Scodix Inkjet-Braille™ solution is designed to provide a better quality of life for blind and visually impaired people around the world. Scodix Inkjet-Braille™ uses UV inkjet technology to print Braille with the Scodix proprietary PolySENSE™ in a precise and accurate dot position based on its embedded cameras system.

  • Ability to create raised Braille letters and Optic elements
  • Braille for Short runs and VDP applications
  • Remaining at the same height and never flattening
  • Paper maintains integrity
  • Double- sided Braille pages can be produced
  • Variety of materials – from 135 gsm paper to thick folding cartons, PVC and more
Scodix VDP / VDE

Scodix Barcode offers a solution for security verification, quality control, and variable data print enhancement. Photo albums, sport & concert tickets, entry badges, personalized event invitations, and direct mail, to name but a few, require the use of barcoding within the printing process.

Scodix supports this workflow and enables the enhancement of your selected variable data in all
these applications

  • Enhanced variable data print content
  • Short run print enhancements – as few as 1 copy print runs
  • Control for print integrity
  • Guaranteed accurate print enhancement
  • Flexible Barcode positioning
  • An optional system for Scodix users