Digital Technologies for Print

Highcon Launches Euclid IIIC for Corrugated

Highcon announced today the launch of the latest in the Highcon Euclid series, the Highcon Euclid IIIC. This latest machine extends the range of the 3rd generation Highcon Euclid cutting and creasing machines into the world of corrugated and fluted substrates from 1 mm up to 3mm/ 40-120pt.

The Highcon Euclid machine has been working with corrugated board at LxBxH in Switzerland since the end of 2015 and is now being made commercially available in the market.

According to Silvano Gauch, President of LxBxH “We have been using the Highcon digital cutting and creasing technology to produce high quality short run packaging on demand for our customers. The ability to produce small to medium size batches just-in-time with low entry cost, allows our customers to order what they actually want.”

Aviv Ratzman, Highcon CEO and Co-founder, added: ”We realized the potential of the corrugated market in B1 and B2 (42″ and 28”) formats and have been encouraged by the success that LxBxH have had in this market. Box Compression Tests that have been performed by comparing the digitally produced boxes with conventional ones have proven that boxes produced with the same substrate on the Euclid are stronger than those produced on conventional machines. This creates an opportunity to attain the same strength with reduced material usage and as a result, reduced costs. The potential of adding lamination and high quality print to the flutes also opens up a world of packaging that is both visually and structurally effective.”

The integration between the digital cutting and creasing and online ordering dovetails into the trend in the industry towards optimizing packaging size to reduce overpackaging and shipping costs.

The Highcon Euclid IIIC not only saves on the production and storage of die cutting forms but also adds the flexibility of digital technology which enables JIT production, short runs, customized perforations with cleaner edges and easier opening, and variable data etching for customization or personalization down to the level of serial numbers. The Euclid IIIC will handle single wall, laminated, N F G E and B-flute from 1mm to 3mm/ 40-120 points.

Autajon Move Into Digital With Highcon Beam

Yavne, Israel, January 31, 2018; Highcon Systems Ltd., announced today the sale of a Highcon Beam digital cutting and creasing system to Haubtmann, Autajon Packaging site located close to Saint Etienne.

The Autajon Group, with 33 subsidiaries around the world, is one of the packaging industry’s leading companies.

Mr. Xavier Boutevillain, Managing Director of Autajon Haubtmann said: “Digital technology is really new for packaging and for the industrial products we supply, that require short runs and very quick lead times, we have seen an opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce bottlenecks with the Highcon Beam. We believe that the Beam will fit seamlessly into our conventional workflow and help us help our customers serve their markets more efficiently.”

Jens Henrik Osmundsen, Global VP Sales at Highcon said: “Autajon has a well-deserved reputation for their passion for packaging and for the relationships they build with their customers to ensure their successful go-to-market. With the Highcon Beam they will be able to streamline their supply chain responsiveness and deliver high quality products in the short turnaround times that their customers require. “
The Highcon Beam digital cutting and creasing solution extends the digital finishing revolution to mainstream production with a speed of up to 5,000 B1 sheets per hour, and will be installed at Autajon later this year.

Boutwell Owens Installs Fist Highcon Beam in the USA
Yavne, Israel, October 10 2017; Living up to their slogan of  "130 years of innovation" Boutwell Owens & Co. Inc. have just completed the installation of the USA's first Highcon Beam digital cutting and creasing machine at their site in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The top-of-the-line Highcon machine has taken its place in the company's highly successful digital packaging production suite alongside the Highcon Euclid II. The addition of the Highcon Beam, which brings digital  finishing to the heart of the mainstream folding carton production by addressing runs of up to 15,000 sheets, reaffirms Boutwell Owens' vision of leading the industry's digital transformation. 
According the Bill Lorenz, V.P Operations, "The Highcon Beam will take our existing capabilities to new heights. With the Highcon Euclid, our customers are already reaping the  benefits of production flexibility in terms of supply chain support and the ability to order just what is needed, when it's needed, not to mention the highly creative designs that were impossible before. With the Highcon Beam we will be able to extend those advantages to longer run lengths, and  bring these capabilities to market segments and customers that were beyond the Euclid's reach."
Ron Kukla, Highcon Sales Director, Americas, said "Boutwell Owens has proven to the market just what Highcon digital technology is capable of and made a name for themselves especially in the ability to deliver high quality short run packaging  with rapid turnaround. The addition of the Highcon Beam to complement their conventional manufacturing capability will allow them to apply the same benefits to high volume production."
With a speed of to 5000 sheets per hour, the Highcon Beam was developed as a robust solution to the challenges facing folding carton converters and print service providers, replacing the expensive and slow conventional die-making and setup process with a high speed digital technology, Once integrated into the mainstream folding carton production environment, the Beam will bring the responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency that has been missing in the conventional market and will allow Boutwell Owens to successfully meet the demanding requirements of their clients and brands.

Established in 1963, Ilan Print Ltd is a commercial printing company that combines offset and digital printing with web-to-print and VDP applications. Their expertise allows them to deliver a standard of quality, creativity and responsiveness second to none. Their reputation for innovation and adoption of cutting edge technology has kept them ahead of the market for years and together with unlimited design potential released by their recently installed Highcon Euclid they aim to strengthen their design creativity while streamlining the ordering process and further improving responsiveness to customers.

Since installing the Highcon Euclid, Eran Friedman, VP of Ilan Print, has made a point of introducing the new capabilities of the digital cutting and creasing technology to his customers. A loyal customer of Ilan Print who orders all kinds of marcom products from the company - books, brochures, catalogues etc. - asked if the Highcon Euclid they had heard about could produce a box for their upcoming book. The customer had no die cutting experience but the graphic design was already done. Although Ilan Print has strong graphic staff, they have no in-house structural designer with experience in packaging and up unitl now had outsourced large scale packaging design and production. 

By using the Highcon Axis, both the customer and Ilan Print were able to move ahead with no problem. Their designers could logon, go into the Axis library, chose the required dimensions they needed for their box and the dieline was automatically created. They sent the dieline to the customer to apply graphics and then uploaded it back to Axis for 3D preview with graphics. The uploaded file was sent to the customer the same day. The customer approved the design online and the entire order of 150 boxes was accepted, printed, cut, creased and delivered within 24 hours.

According to Eran Friedman: "The Highcon Euclid III offers us true versatility; the ability to extend the already wide range of commercial applications we offer our customers. The machine will not only complete an all-digital flow from our HP Indigo 10000 digital press but will also support our offset printed pieces on B2/30in. sheets and allow us also to produce highly differentiated pieces on unprinted B1/40 in stock. Together with Highcon Axis the service we can now offer our customers is incomparable".

The Highcon Euclid III replaces a complex, expensive and slow die-making and setup process, with an in-house controlled digital system, delivering improved responsiveness, design flexibility and enhanced efficiency. Based on Highcon's proven technology, the Euclid III addressed todays operational challenges and answers tomorrows growth needs by enabling a wide range of applications from packaging and commercial print applications to customisation with Variable Data Cutting and We-to-Pack.