Digital Technologies for Print

Highcon Euclid IIIC.

The Highcon Euclid IIIC digital cutting and creasing machine has been specifically engineered to suit the needs of packaging converters working in B1 or B2 format for corrugated and fluted substrates from 1 mm up to 3mm / 40-120pt.

Not only does the Highcon Euclid IIIC save on the production and storage of die cutting forms but also adds the flexibility of digital technology which enables JIT production, short runs, customized perforations with cleaner edges and easier opening, and variable data etching for customization or personalization down to the level of serial numbers.

Box Compression Tests that have been performed by comparing the digitally produced boxes with conventional ones have proven that boxes produced with the same substrate on the Euclid are stronger than those produced on conventional machines – and this enables thickness reduction that saves costs.

At a glance

  • Digital technology for corrugated applications
  • Ability to customize structure to optimize box size
  • JIT ordering for customers