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Highcon Euclid III Productivity Boost Package

Boosting the Highcon Euclid speed

The Highcon Productivity Boost package extends the capabilities of the Highcon Euclid platform, allowing customers to produce more jobs per-shift, with higher profitability, enabling a faster return on investment A combination of software development and mechanical upgrade to support higher productivity, increases the maximum speed of the machine:

  • B1 (106 cm / 42 in.) – from 1,500 to a maximum speed of 2,250 SPH
  • B2 (76 cm / 29 in.) – from 2,000 to a maximum speed of 2,750 SPH

Following field implementation of the productivity boost with existing customers, average job speed has risen:

  • For B1 (106 cm / 42 in.) jobs between 15%-20%
  • For B2 (76 cm / 29 in.) jobs, between 25%-40%

Common Questions

Is there a speed difference for B2 jobs between the Euclid III and Euclid IIIS?
No. The speed for B2 (75 cm / 29 in.) sheet size and smaller formats is the same no matter if running them on a Highcon Euclid IIII, or a Euclid IIIS – in addition, the impact of the Productivity boost package is the same on both machines.

Are Stripping and Advanced Registration impacted by the option?
Overall jobs that will run at speed above 1,500 SPH are less sensitive to registration and usually do not require stripping however:

  • The advanced registration option is supported on any machine speed, including above 1,500 SPH
  • Stripping is supported only for jobs up to 1,500 SPH